Physical therapists

Joint Academy needs Physical therapists like you

Use Joint Academy’s treatment and help more patients while getting extra income as a freelance Physical therapist. Be your own boss and decide for yourself when you’re able to receive and support more patients!

Joint Academy needs Physical therapists like you
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An extra income

As a Physical therapist in Joint Academy, you’ll receive a good income in addition to your regular clinical work. The amount you earn depends on how many patients you take care of monthly.

Decide when you want to work

Using Joint Academy as a Physical therapist is very flexible. You can work from wherever you like. And as you’re not bound to any office, you can follow up with your patients where it suits you.

Educational package

If you decide to start working with Joint Academy, you’ll get onboarded in what it’s like to be a part of our work to improve life for patients with osteoarthritis.

It’s a different way of working. I think it’s fun and exciting. The patients’ graphs show how they’re feeling, and most of them get much better during the first weeks. Just imagine how well they could be feeling in a few months!