Science and research

Our clinical results show that our method works

We let research and experience from world-leading researchers, PhD’s, doctors, and physiotherapists lead our way, but we make sure to learn from our patients as well. Studies of our treatment show that this is an effective route.

Joint pain

After 20 weeks in the Joint Academy treatment, patient decrease their joint pain with 46 % on average. This is measured through patient reports on an NRS (numeric) scale on a weekly basis.

chart-pain-enCreated with Sketch.21% Reduced painAFTER6 WEEKS46% Reduced painAFTER20 WEEKSDays with Joint AcademyReduced pain

Physical function

Those who use Joint Academy for 30 weeks notice an improvement of physical function of 88 % on average. This is measured through an objective test of physical function where the patient stands up from a chair as many times as they can in 30 seconds.

16% increasedPhysical functionAFTER6 WEEKSDays with Joint AcademyPhysical function88% increasedPhysical functionAFTER30 WEEKS

Joint Academy has helped thousands of patients. These are their results.


Decreased fear of physical activity

Patients are, on average, 70 % less scared of physical activity after being in the treatment for six weeks.


Avoided surgery

Patients answered that they no longer wanted to undergo surgery after finishing the initial six weeks of treatment.


Decreased medication

Patients report that they have decreased their intake of medication after going through six weeks of treatment.

Our clinical results show that our method works